Astrix AI

Conversational AI Marketing for the Exclusive Elite.

Unlock Exceptional Growth. Drive over 100+ monthly meetings with ultra-qualified leads through our revolutionary Conversational AI Marketing.

Performance Excellence

Drive over 100+ monthly meetings with ultra-qualified leads through our revolutionary Conversational AI Marketing.

Ultra-Qualified Prospects

Our approach focuses on meticulously vetted user journeys, filtering each lead with targeted questions. Only the most qualified prospects reach the meeting stage, ensuring highly productive and successful engagements.

Pioneering AI Innovations

As early adopters of AI in marketing, we have been integrating Generative AI and NLP into our strategies since 2017.

Exclusive, Award-Winning Funnels

Our marketing funnels are uniquely ours, crafted in-house, our unique marketing funnels have proven their worth across over 7 million conversions.

Speed of Light Service

Our rapid deployment ensures your first business meeting is set within just 72 hours. This quick turnaround, our “Speed of Light” service, is our secret to providing prompt and efficient solutions to our clients.As we always say: Fast is the New Rich.

They Call Us Scale-Catalysts

Over 500 Startups and SMBs Scaled with Our Conversational AI Marketing Mechanism



Range of directions

Direct and Straightforward Approach for Optimal ROI

At ASTRIX AI, our philosophy is simple: We Work Until You Can’t Handle It Anymore. Whether you’re a well-established brand eager to scale or an entrepreneur ready to blaze a trail, we’ve carved paths tailored to your journey.


  • Expert-Driven Strategies: Harness the prowess of industry veterans dedicated to your success.
  • Tailored Lead Generation: Bypass the generic crowd. Engage with leads actively pursuing your solutions.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Transparent insights for data-driven decisions.


  • Save Time: Let experts handle the intricate details while you focus on core business.
  • Assured ROI: Every dollar you invest works relentlessly for your success.
  • Expand Horizons: Unlock markets and demographics you never knew existed.


Choose this if you:

  • Are poised to elevate your business to towering heights.
  • Have a dedicated marketing budget and are keen to optimize every cent.
  • Have experienced success but yearn for that dominant lead generation engine.
  • Have faced setbacks and are now scouting for a consistent influx of premium leads bespoke to your unique offerings.


  • Chief Growth Marketer Online Course: Imbibe the essence of our winning methodology and embed it into your business DNA.
  • “Talk Don’t Promote” Book: Get your hands on the seminal book penned by Dor Cohen, the mastermind behind our approach. An invaluable resource that’s more than just pages – it’s a treasure trove of wisdom.


  • Self-Paced Learning: Digest knowledge at your rhythm.
  • Partner Opportunities: Collaborate with us and tap into a vast client network.


Choose this if you:

  • A business maven eager to see swift results.
  • AN entrepreneur or marketer ready to partner and cater to clients we can’t (owing to scalability factors).


  • Your lead generation mandate will be entrusted to one of our certified partners. These are individuals and agencies who’ve meticulously learned our methodology via our online courses and education modules.


  • Expert Handling: Rest easy knowing a certified professional is on the job.
  • Consistent Quality: Our partners maintain the high standards Astrid AI is renowned for.


Choose this if you:

Taking the onus of lead generation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you prefer an external expert’s touch, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you're steering

the ship or prefer a co-captain, Astrix AI is your trusted companion, charting courses through the vast marketing oceans. Embark on your journey today.